Tecnofilm continues the business in the field of thermoplastic compounds started in 1972 by Euronord, from which it has inherited specific knowledge and know-how.

Over the years, it has gradually developed upon its systems and acquired new technology to maintain an increasingly competitive edge.

Tecnofilm is now one of the top industrial producers in Europe of functionalized polyolefins and thermoplastic compounds for the footwear industry and for the production of technical articles.

Social responsability

We believe in innovation that is both environmentally and human friendly.

We take on the challenge of sustainable development, combining economy with the protection of nature as we see these two factors as a resource: for the community and future generations, for the companies that are our customers, and for our own business.

Project coordinator

Member of the Board of Tecnofilm since 2008, He is graduated in international management.
Roberto is the ECOMOBI’s Project Coordinator and He will be in charge of defining the commercial and financial strategy