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RD PRENE provides an innovative alternative for the promotion of end-of-life tyres as a bitumen modifier, overcoming the limitations of the current state of the art products (plastomers, SBS, rubber powder).
RD PRENE results from a careful selection of components (rubber powder, SBS and oil plasticisers) and an innovative production method that combines the raw materials in a special compounding process.
Tecnofilm has already filed a patent in registration in multiple countries to protect RD PRENE.

Key advantages of RD PRENE

Reduction of production costs

RD PRENE is an inexpensive material and it requires less energy consumption and less road maintenance which leads to further cost reduction.

Top quality values

RD PRENE is a high quality bitumen modifier, comparable to SBS in many aspects.

Environmentally friendly technology

RD PRENE finds a profitable use for ELTs while reducing the need for petrol based bitumen modifiers (SBS). Through implementing RD PRENE in their PmB production, the end users significantly reduce their environmental footprint and improve the corporate image.



The introduction of RD PRENE into the market will have a very positive impact in the EU and globally from an economic, environmental and social perspective, contributing to address the following challenges:

Affordable, high quality and environmentally friendly raw materials

RD PRENE will provide PmB producers worldwide with an effective and affordable alternative to current state of the art bitumen modifiers (SBS, rubber powder, plastomers) while reducing the environmental impact of bitumen modification.

Valorisation of waste and reduced oil dependency

We expect to reach a max content of 50% of end-of-life rubber from tyres in RD PRENE formulation. The innovative use of a 50% of rubber would result in the material recovery of around 300,000 tonnes of end-of-life tyres every year. In addition, the use of the recycled material as a valuable resource in RD PRENE formulation results in a reduced need for SBS.

Safer, long-lasting roads

The possibility of modifying bitumen in an affordable, easy, effective and environmentally friendly way is likely to increase the percentage of PmB used in road construction. This will result in safer, higher performance roads with a longer service life.